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Loveland City School District to Purchase Property

Loveland City School District to Purchase Property
Investment in the Future of Loveland City Schools

The Loveland City School District Board of Education has entered an agreement to purchase 15.76 acres of land on OH-48 near Founders Drive from the Cardinal Land Conservancy for approximately $1.5 million. 

“This property is a strategic investment in the future of the Loveland City School District. We feel the property will continue to grow in value, support the development of the Conservancy for the entire Loveland community, and provide unique opportunities for outdoor education for our students,” said Board President Jonathan Eilert.

“The sale of this property will provide the revenue needed for the Cardinal Land Conservancy to restore several buildings on the site for public and private use and open the property as a public nature preserve. We envision walking paths, learning gardens, and future partnerships with mental health service providers that will be great resources for local families and nature lovers. We have a proven track record of partnering with school districts on environmental education programs, and we believe this sale will be a win-win for the Conservancy, the school district, and the community,” said Andy Dickerson, Executive Director of Cardinal Land Conservancy. 

The property purchase will not impact the district’s operating budget and will not impact the property tax bills of Loveland City School District residents. The property will be purchased using financing that is supported by the district’s Permanent Improvement fund, which is earmarked specifically for ongoing improvement projects. Operating funds will not be used for the purchase. There will be no impact on funding for student-focused needs like staffing or classroom programming. The district will not be asking for any additional taxpayer funds for this purchase. 

“Loveland City School District is thankful to have the Permanent Improvement fund, which allows the district to make a forward-thinking purchase like this. It is my commitment to ensure that the district makes fiscally responsible decisions and investments,” said Treasurer John Espy. 

“When we built our #beLOVEland Strategic Vision, we committed to embarking on a facility planning process. The purchase of the property will allow us to begin a long, thoughtful conversation with our community about district facilities, and my focus will always be on maintaining our operating budget and delivering academic excellence for our students and community,” said Superintendent Mike Broadwater. 

"We are excited to see this partnership between Loveland City School District and the Cardinal Land Conservancy, which will lead to benefits for our entire Loveland community,” said Loveland City Manager David Kennedy. 

Please see the following question-and-answer document for more information. 

Property Purchase Q&A 

Where is the property? 
The property is located on US 48, across from Founders Drive. The Cardinal Land Conservancy purchased 109 acres of property formerly owned by the Grail to create a permanent nature preserve. The district is purchasing a 15.76-acre portion of the property from Cardinal Land Conservancy. 

How much is the property?
The cost of the property is approximately $1.5 million. It is being purchased using money from the district’s permanent improvement fund. That fund is specifically earmarked for capital improvement projects and investments in district buildings and infrastructure, which is separate from the General Fund used to operate the district. 

How does this purchase impact the district budget?
Using permanent improvement funds allows the district to purchase the property without impacting services for students or staffing because permanent improvement funds are separate from the district operating budget. Operating funds and Permanent Improvement funds are held in separate accounts for separate purposes. 

I own a home in the Loveland City School District - how does this impact my tax bill?
There will be no impact on property tax bills for Loveland City School District homeowners. 
The property will be purchased using financing that is supported by the district’s Permanent Improvement fund, not the operating fund. 

What is the district going to do with the property?
This property helps secure the future of Loveland City Schools. Purchasing it will allow us to begin a long, thoughtful conversation with our community about district facilities. Any building project would require public support through a ballot initiative. 

map showing location of 15.76 acre land parcel on OH_48 at Founders Drive