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Loveland Provides Great Return on Educational Investment

Loveland City School District provides among the best educational value for students and families in the state of Ohio. Taxpayers in the district get a great return on investment by supporting Loveland City Schools. 

The district’s performance index is above the state average, while our per-student spending is below the state average. The Performance Index measures the achievement of every student and is standardized across the state of Ohio. You can learn more about the Performance Index by following this link to the Ohio Department of Education’s website

Our student performance index is very similar to Forest Hills, but our per-student costs are lower. Wyoming City Schools also have a comparable performance index score, but their per-student costs are significantly higher. 

The district remains focused on providing academic excellence for students and developing real-world skills to make them successful in life, while also being fiscally responsible. There is no district in Hamilton County that performs as well as Loveland City Schools while spending as little per student as we spend. 

The data provided in the graph above comes from Comparative Analytics, a tool that pulls data from school report cards and annual financial reports. If you have any questions or want additional details, please contact Superintendent Mike Broadwater at

Per Student Spending and Performance Index Score 2021

Selection of above chart, showing Loveland City School District with comparable academic performance to Forest Hills, Wyoming

ROI Data Chart, showing Loveland per pupil spending at $10,950.56 and Performance Index Score at 95.2