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Technology Improvements

Loveland City School District launched a new website this week. The web address will remain the same, but visitors to the site will see a new interface. The site remains under construction and may change as we make improvements. This is the first of several communications and technology improvements that the district will be working to implement this summer.

“Communication is one of the Board’s commitments, a commitment that is responsive to clear direction from the Loveland City Schools community. We are excited to be taking these steps forward,” said Superintendent Brad Neavin.

Parents will also be receiving an email this week from Final Forms, the district’s new service for new student registration, Emergency Medical Authorizations (EMAs), and alternative transportation requests. Parents should look for this email and complete the required documentation for Final Forms.

The new Loveland Schools website uses a responsive design, to make it easier to navigate on mobile devices. Additionally, the district will be launching a mobile app that will allow parents and community members to get notification alerts when news items and other important information is posted to the site.