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Please respond: Criteria for new honors courses
Please respond: Criteria for new honors coursesDear Parents, Students, and Community Members:

Over the past few years questions of how courses are designated as eligible for honors credit have been expressed to various groups and individuals. As a result of these questions, we investigated our practices and determined that we need a clear plan for determining if a course should be designated as honors, and therefore, eligible for weighted grades. To assist with the development of our criteria, we formed a task force.

The task force was comprised of two parents, three students, three teachers, a counselor, and two administrators. The group researched criteria and practices related to weighting courses and designating them as honors. Sources of information included colleagues in other districts, state departments of education, universities, and College Board. The task force reviewed the research and developed draft criteria that Loveland City Schools might use to determine if a course should be considered honors. It is not the goal of the task force to declassify existing courses, but to have a consistent process and criteria for considering the addition of honors courses.

To further develop the criteria, we are seeking the input of staff, parents, students, and the community regarding the draft criteria. Please take a few moments to respond to the survey. The task force will review the input and utilize it to finalize the criteria.

Thank you,
Loveland Weighted Credit Task Force