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LES student now PUBLISHED book reviewer!
LES student now PUBLISHED book reviewer!Loveland Elementary School (LES) student Layla Underwood has a new title for her elementary school resume and a work sample for her professional portfolio – published book reviewer! The soft-spoken fourth grader wrote a robust review of The Homework Machine by Dan Gutman as a class assignment.

“I love The Homework Machine because it has many exciting parts and the characters are very loveable,” Underwood wrote in her book review.

Her essay got noticed by Scholastic after her teacher, Kristi Swartz, entered her work into a student book review competition. Scholastic published the work on their Storyworks magazine website.

“I was really surprised,” said Underwood.

“I just thought it was such a great thing because it was an example for the kids of how your work and your writing really can impact other kids – not just here in Loveland and in our classroom – but all around the nation,” said Swartz.

Photo caption: LES fourth grader Layla Underwood reads her Scholastic book review.