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Science unlimited
Science unlimitedWalking the halls of Loveland Elementary School (LES) Friday, May 10, was quite the treat: in the gym, students took turns riding a hovercraft; therapy dogs passed through the back door, as a team from the police taught a lesson in technology; even simple LEGO parts transformed under the direction of the L3 Robotics team (Loveland Lego Legends) into a robotic race. From volcanoes to composting and bridge building to paper making, the 2013 Science Day was a success.

“There was a learning activity literally around every corner of this school,” said Jennifer Forren, LES principal. “And – it was fun; our students enjoyed every activity. Words can’t express how thankful we are to the PTA for sponsoring this outstanding event.”

All total, the students learned from 28 different presenters representing various studies of science.

“The only limit we had was the restraint we put on our own imaginations in setting this event up,” said Forren. “We worked to design a day with unlimited possibilities for the students. From something as simple as the importance of fighting bacteria through hand washing, to something more traditional like aviation, to lessons that were pure fun for the kids like colorful fireworks, I do believe this team achieved the goal.”

Special thanks to event organizers Jenny Kapszukiewicz and Amy Friday and to Jane Miller for logistics and planning support.