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Orchestrating a special lesson!
Orchestrating a special lesson! The lesson is standard, but the delivery was anything but! Thursday, Jan. 12, Loveland Elementary School (LES) music students enjoyed a special treat when Loveland High School (LHS) student-musicians made the trip over for a unique show and tell. The LHS students not only taught the LES students about the four families of instruments – they played them!

“Not only did the high school students demonstrate their instruments by playing a short excerpt of their favorite pieces, they ‘banded’ together and played their rehearsal music for us, performing a small concert,” said LES Music Teacher Michele Henn. “Watching the high school students assume a role of leadership as they chose and directed the pieces was impressive, and made me extremely proud. Not only did this event bring together music classes from different areas, it allowed older musicians to teach and take pride in their musical ability. Having high school students visit also served as a way of showing our young Tigers that when they pass beyond the doors of LES they are not forgotten by their teachers.”

Photo caption: LHS students demonstrated the four families of instruments to LES students during a special lesson January 12, 2017.