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Caught in the act of making smiles
Caught in the act of making smilesIn the spirit of Thanksgiving, one of our Loveland parents took the time to send a thank you note in the form of a letter to the editor of the Cincinnati Enquirer recently. She was able to witness one of our teachers interacting with our students on the buses as they headed home for the day. The teacher was waving, making silly faces, and dancing, just to make the kids' last few moments at school memorable. The writer said, "I bet you do it every day!"

And the most amazing aspect of this story is that, while the writer does not identify the main character in the story, it could be almost any teacher in the district on any given day. Passionate, dedicated, enthusiastic, hard-working – they are a group of consummate professionals who genuinely want every child to have the best seven hours of their day at school.

I have been fortunate to visit the classrooms of all of our new teachers over the past two months. As the human resources director for the district, I have the awesome responsibility and sheer pleasure of finding new teachers who live up to the lofty standard depicted by our thankful author featured in the Enquirer. It is so gratifying to visit these new teacher classrooms and witness firsthand the promise delivered. They bring fresh perspectives and new skill-sets, but they all share the same core beliefs typified by our anonymous bus greeter.

I could not say it any better than the writer does: "Thank you for the joy you bring to these children, and the joy that brought to me for those few minutes. Thank you to all the teachers who bring smiles to our children’s faces every day!"

Many Stripes; One Tiger –
Posted December 9, 2015