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A winter to remember

Posted Monday, January 27, 2014

A winter to rememberThere are very few winters I can remember that measure up to the one we are currently having. When I was 10 years old I “survived” the blizzard of ’78. We did not have any electricity, there were drifts as high as my two story house, the Ohio National Guard picked up my neighborhood in a school bus, and we missed weeks of school. There are many details that are etched in my memory from that winter. My hope is that we do not experience a storm like that one, but this year seems to be shaping up as a winter that we will all remember. (I know I will remember checking the morning news weather updates every day of January, the 4 a.m. morning drives, multiple text messages from area school personnel, waking up all of Loveland with early morning phone calls, and my first winter as superintendent fondly.)

Our amazing Tiger Family

I want to thank all our families for their support while we deal with these unseasonably cold conditions that are less than ideal to venture outdoors forcing the cancellation of classes. To all of you who have had to rearrange schedules and make arrangements for your children, I thank you for your patience. I assure you, the safety and care of our students is our primary focus when these decisions are made.

Our amazing Tiger Staff

Our staff has also been outstanding during these weeks. Many of our maintenance, grounds crew, and bus mechanics have had to work long hours to make sure we could make it to school on the days we were able to. It is a tough job keeping busses warm and running, plowing parking lots, clearing sidewalks, and cleaning salt that has been tracked into our buildings – but our staff members have done an excellent job! Our teachers have had to make adjustments to their classes and have made sure that we stay focused on educating our students despite all the interruptions.

Moving forward

Just today the Office of the Governor announced Gov. Kasich is calling for extra school snow days as the severe weather continues. At this point, Loveland has used all of the five calamity days originally allotted by the state, which I understand leaves you with questions about what using additional calamity days will mean for our students.

We will have to see what happens with the proposed increase at the state level.

Here locally, the Board of Education approves calamity day “make-up” dates with each calendar in case we exceed the days approved by the state. This year we have those dates as June 9-13. Currently our intermediate school and middle school have to make up one day on June 9 due to a calamity day used in November. Any additional days we missed will need to be made up that week.

We are looking at some possible ways to minimize the number of days that will need to be made up. We will keep you informed of any changes as they develop.

Again, thank you for patience and your support!

The blizzard of ’78 was tough, but my community “survived” together. I know we will do the same here in Loveland, no matter what winter weather comes our way.

Dedicated to the future of our students,

For details on the Gov. Kasich’s announcement, please see the official news release: KASICH CALLS FOR EXTRA SCHOOL SNOW DAYS AS SEVERE WEATHER CONTINUES 
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