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Loveland Primary School’s Creation Station highlighted in national publication

Posted Tuesday, May 28, 2019

LPS Creation Station
Loveland Primary School’s “Creation Station” is highlighted in the April/May 2019 issue of School Planning & Management, a national  magazine for some 41,000 subscribing professionals serving the K-12 education market throughout the United States.

Creation Station was made possible by an Innovative Instructional Grant awarded by the Loveland Board of Education in 2017-18, and has brought state-of-the-art learning opportunities to the LPS teaching staff and some of the youngest students in the district.

“We saw the potential for transforming an old and outdated computer lab into a flexible space for both students and teachers,” said Traci Stubenrauch, Innovative Instructional Coach at Loveland Primary and Elementary Schools, who co-wrote the grant application with LPS Building Coordinator Cristin Kiefer.” “Not only has this become a wonderful space for our professional teaching community to conduct model lessons and learn from each other, but it is also an ideal place for our students to grow exponentially.”

According to research by Cornell University’s Center for Teaching Innovation, providing active social, contextual, engaging and student-owned educational experiences leads to deeper learning among students. Opportunities for collaboration – the foundation of the Creation Station concept – are essential for the development of higher-level thinking, oral communications skills, self-management and leadership skills, among others. The completion and unveiling of Creation Station in September 2018 provided a model for Loveland Schools to encourage risk taking and promote life-long learning. 

“Creation Station has truly brought the opportunity for teachers to try new models, collaborate and observe their peers, but it has also allowed us to encourage a whole new level of risk-taking among our students, which will advance and promote their learning for life,” said Kiefer. “With the district facility master plan coming to life over the past school year, Creation Station has an added role to play as a pilot project to illustrate the potential of what modernized learning spaces could mean for all of Loveland’s students and teachers.”
LPS Creation Station
Photo caption: Students collaborating during a coding lesson in LPS Creation Station.
The video below highlights all 2017-18 Innovative Instructional Grant winners as they explain how they have used their grants to benefit students across the district. 
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