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Loveland City School District presents facility master plan options to the community

Posted Friday, January 25, 2019

Building Tiger Nation Community Meeting #3
At the third Building Tiger Nation community meeting on January 23, the Loveland City School District presented seven facility master plan options and accompanying concept budget estimates, which were developed by architects following extensive assessments of the school buildings in 2018.

“Each option presented on Wednesday represents a combination of repairs and renovations to existing buildings and the creation of new facilities,” said Superintendent Dr. Amy Crouse. “It is clear that we don’t have any zero-cost options going forward. Simply maintaining our current facilities will require substantial funding in the years to come. And if we do nothing, our students’ educational needs will continue to be compromised by the ineffectiveness of our school buildings.”

After the initial presentation of the facility master plan options, feedback was captured from the audience in a small-group setting. Over the next several weeks, Loveland community stakeholders will be able to provide their comments on components of the options that will be evaluated more closely, through focus groups and engagement sessions.

“I will meet with district staff members shortly to hear their comments and we’ll set up an online system for feedback on the Building Tiger Nation website so that we can continue to gather community opinion as we narrow down the options,” said Dr. Crouse. “Focus groups will dive deeper into certain aspects, like renovations and the potential addition of a fine arts center and an athletic complex. The community’s involvement is invaluable in the master planning process, which is ultimately guided by the needs of our students and teachers.”

The facility master plan options have evolved through a transparent process with opportunities for Loveland stakeholders to lend their voices. Over the past three years, groups of teachers, staff and community members have been on site visits and attended professional development training to gain expertise on 21st century educational facilities and learning environments. Additionally, through the work of the Student Experience Committee last fall, more than 800 students, teachers, parents and members of the community provided feedback specifically on the Loveland student experience.

The work of the Building Tiger Nation Finance Committee, launched in October 2018 as a forum for school finance education and discussion, will now shift gears to focus on analyzing the financing options available and developing a recommendation that will be presented to the Board of Education with the facility master plan this spring. All meetings of the Finance Committee are open to the public. For more information, please visit
Photo caption: More than 150 members of the Loveland community gathered at the third Building Tiger Nation community meeting on January 23 to view the facility master plan options presented by the Loveland City School District. The audience feedback was captured in small groups after the initial presentation.
Article posted on January 25, 2019.
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