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The times they are a changin’ – Bob Dylan

Posted Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The times they are a changin’ – Bob DylanBob Dylan said it best all the way back in 1964 and this famous declaration has never rang more true than today, especially as it relates to the world of education. Above all else, schools hold the responsibility to prepare our students for the challenges that await them upon leaving our doors after graduation. Whether that next challenge is - college, career or beyond - one thing's for sure and that is our students need to be prepared in order to thrive in an ever-increasing technology focused world. As the Loveland City School District strives to ensure your child’s preparation for tomorrow, today, we are working on plans to provide opportunities and accessibility to technology at school to push the limits of learning within our classroom walls.

A very common model for technology and electronic device adoption among schools and businesses is the idea of creating a “1:1” environment. This ratio establishes that all users in an organization are equipped with an electronic device that they can use on the job or at school. Schools across the country are working hard to generate funds within their district to provide their students with a device on a daily basis, and to reach the promised land of this exalted ratio. The problem with this model as it currently exists, as Alan November, an international leader in educational technology points out, is that 1:1 puts the emphasis on the device - not on the outcome. As educators, it’s not about the technology, it’s about what the technology can do for our students. Technology opens doors, it provides for learning experiences that were never before possible, and creates a world of new experiences for our students to engage with and learn from. As we work towards a sustainable model of instruction that puts a device in the hands of our students every day, we turn the attention away from the device and towards the impact that this tool has on your child’s education.

Through the Tiger One-to-World Initiative and our recent announcement regarding the Chromebook lease to own option at Loveland High School, we are committed to providing unique and enriching learning experiences that prepare each and every one of our students for the next step. We look forward to seeing this program evolve and take shape across the district.

Your partner in learning and technology,
David Knapp
Director of Instructional Technology
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