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Loveland LOVES elementary school art!

Posted Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Loveland LOVES elementary school art!  Loveland LOVES the arts, and our educators know that participation in performing and visual arts inspires students’ creativity, problem-solving and critical thinking skills. This month in a special series we explore #TigerGrowth in our arts programs at elementary, intermediate/middle and high school level.

Young Tigers at Loveland Early Childhood Center (LECC), Loveland Primary School (LPS) & Loveland Elementary School (LES) showcase art skills at Fine Arts evenings that feature singing, dancing and visual arts. Music and Art Instruction is integrated with academic curriculum for skill reinforcement.

LECC first-grade students have a fantastic opportunity to perform with their friends in front of an audience of teachers and family members as part of the Fine Arts Night. This year a combined Open House/Fine Arts Night event will be on February 28 and will feature choral singing, small group dancing, and spoken word parts, all presented by first graders. As part of the evening’s activities, parents and guests can also see several examples of student art work on display showcasing creative and colorful efforts from throughout the year.

“Our art and music teachers are able to help the students to produce amazing visual and performance art each year,” said LECC Principal Kyle Bush. “At our annual Fine Arts Night our families are always surprised to see what their children are capable of, given time, good instruction, and enough practice and hard work. Having an event such as this provides our young learners with an early opportunity in life to feel ‘performance jitters,’ and the follow-up feeling of euphoria and pride that comes with a collective effort and a job well-done. It’s great fun to see our young students take such pride in their work and to dedicate themselves to their artwork and the performance.

“These experiences help to ‘build up their mental muscles’ and use that same level of dedication and pride in all facets of their school lives. It always feels like the school year takes off and we function at a higher level of school pride and hard work in all areas of our work in school once this inter-disciplinary event is put on each year.”

At LPS music and art instruction help encourage self-expression, support vocabulary development and help to increase student awareness and understanding of the diversity and cultures in the school, community, country, and world. Music includes the traditions of our country incorporated into skills instruction and supports an inquiry model as found in other areas of our school (such as science). Students in both areas are encouraged to experiment, explore, and create while working on presentation skills. Finally both areas consider cross content connections throughout the school year. An example would be symmetry in art that is also part of the math standards being covered.

“Art at LPS is about providing opportunities for students to explore in a safe environment where risk taking is not only encouraged, but expected,” said LPS Principal Kevin Fancher. “We want our students to make connections across content areas and see how things like symmetry in math is found in the world around in art, architecture, and in nature and how that relates to their lives. It helps our students see how concepts are relevant to their everyday life.”

The LPS Fine Arts Showcase takes place March 6-8 and on Dec. 10 there will be a "Community Arts Open House" for students grades 1-4 at The Loveland Artist Studios on Main near the downtown Loveland/Post Office. Additional communication will be shared with families closer to the event.

LES offers fourth-grade students an opportunity to participate in Mallet Madness, a before-school percussion program; Mallet Madness is an auditioned group. This advanced percussion ensemble has been known to perform within the school district as well as in the Loveland and Greater Cincinnati communities. The extracurricular group is just one of several arts enrichment opportunities in the elementary grades. LES has plans to begin an art club and this year has started to feature an “Artist of the Month” program to celebrate Tiger creativity. Be on the lookout for “Elementary Art in the Community” as the year continues!

“We know from research that when students are involved with the arts it is associated with gains in math, reading, critical thinking, and verbal skills,” said Jennifer Forren, LES principal. “Additionally, we know that being involved in the arts can also improve motivation, engagement, concentration, confidence, and even teamwork. Our art and music programs at LES play an important role in the foundation of our students' development both academically and socially.”

Photo caption: LES Mallet Madness performing at the annual State of Schools presentation January 2016.

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