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LIS students Walk for Water

Posted Monday, November 7, 2016

LIS students Walk for Water It was 2.5 miles.

Or, rather, it was 2.5 miles with a gallon of water in tow.

The Friday, Oct. 28, event was the third-annual for Loveland Intermediate School (LIS) sixth-grade students, and a true celebration of the district’s three big goals: Tiger Growth – studying Linda Sue Park’s award-winning story A Long Walk to Water; Tiger Innovation – developing the “Walk for Water” fundraiser to put the lessons learned into practice; and, Tiger Care – donating $6,400 raised during the event to the main character’s foundation “Water for South Sudan, Inc.”

“This brings our total for the past three years to more than $21,000,” said LIS Teacher Jennifer Kirby who brought the event to LIS and organizes it each year along with the sixth grade language arts teaching team. “Two wells have been built in South Sudan with our school name on them, and a third well will be drilled starting in December, and a portion of the money donated has gone toward repairing and updating drilling equipment.”

“I’m beyond proud of the positive impact these students – our students – have made and continue to make on the world around them,” said LIS Principal Garth Carlier. “This is outstanding – almost beyond words – and a lesson I hope they carry with them a lifetime.”

The 2.5 miles the students walk – again, gallon jugs of water in tow – is symbolic; they carry the water to represent the very real water crisis in Africa.

“The water we used for the walk will also be put to good use for people who need it,” said Kirby. “We donated over 300 gallons of water to Matthew 25: Ministries.

“While using the book to teach students reading and writing skills, it is amazing to be able to teach them the bigger lessons in the book; to work hard, persevere, and make a positive impact on the world. As one sixth grader wrote to Salva Dut, the main character in the book, ‘This story, I know for sure, I will never forget. Thank you for persevering so that people like me can be inspired.’”

Photo caption: LIS students carried one-gallon water jugs for 2.5 miles on Friday, Oct. 28, during the third-annual LIS “Walk for Water” fundraising event.

Thumbnail photo caption: LIS students donated more than 300 gallons of water to Matthew 25: Ministries as part of the October 28 “Walk for Water” event.
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