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Tiger Innovation at LMS

Posted Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Tiger Innovation at LMS “I love that students can record this as many times as they like and submit their best work, without as much anxiety.” That’s how Loveland Middle School (LMS) Music Teacher Chris Huening described VideoRecorder – a new App that allows the music teachers to record individual students for skill assessment. It’s a far cry from the days when students would spend entire class periods listening to each student play – and it’s just one way the LMS music teachers have continued to embrace the Tiger One-to-World initiative.

“I am hoping in the next couple of months that we find a way, through technology, for students to collaboratively create and publish a unique composition(s),” said LMS Music Teacher Melissa Dennedy. “Personally, I am excited that I am learning new things and passing these tools and excitement onto the students. It's fun to learn new things! The students are excited to share their knowledge with me, too. It is definitely a wonderful partnership.”

The sound of technology at work isn’t limited to LMS music classes. LMS Teacher Craig Chmiel has adapted technology in order to create personalized fitness lessons for his class - students identified a personal fitness goal, and through Google Classroom, he has been able to assign students specific workouts to follow. LMS Science Teacher Catherine Rudisell has embraced all students having access to technology to provide more individual instruction.

“The 1:1 program has opened up many new options of how to present material to the students,” said Rudisell. “It has also allowed me to differentiate on a more regular basis and track the progress of my students to ensure they succeed. I am now able to create more innovative activities and labs since I don't have to worry about advance planning and checking out the lap top carts for my classes. I can be much more flexible and adapt my lessons and my plans to better meet the needs of my students. I have definitely become a more innovative teacher finding new creative activities and lessons to use in the classroom. The 1:1 program has allowed me to bring fun interactive games and virtual labs into my classroom on a regular basis, both of which engage my students in classroom material.”

As part of the district’s instructional cycle, the science department also received new materials this year.

“The new Pearson Interactive Science has some nice features for students and teachers,” said LMS Science Teacher Nick Hartings. “Teachers receive timely feedback about their students which allows them to address student understanding quickly. It has also provided opportunities of virtual labs and analysis of real-time data.”

“The One-to-World initiative has a large impact on student development and learning,” said LMS Student Isa Abrinica. “Having access to a device opens up a world of possibilities, allowing students to access many unique resources and information that they wouldn’t have access to with a traditional textbook. And then, they can use these resources and devices to communicate and share what they’ve learned.”

“As the instructional coach at LMS, I am excited each time I walk into a classroom,” said Laura Holtkamp. “I love to see the various ways teachers are integrating quality technology into classroom instruction. It is inspiring to see students engaging in a multitude of digital activities. I have been fortunate to have many great teachers invite me into their rooms to explore, experiment with and observe technology in the classroom. I look forward to more great opportunities this school year!”

Photo caption: LMS Teacher Toni Lindblade uses Chromebooks to work with students on narrative drafts.
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