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The transformative power of 1:1

Posted Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The transformative power of 1:1Loveland High School (LHS) is undergoing a powerful transformation with the introduction of 1:1. Gone are the days of waiting to use technology until the carts of Chromebooks or computer labs were available. Gone are the days of endless copying and limited adaptability in the classroom. LHS is now a technology-rich learning environment with boundless options for students and teachers.

“Our move to 1:1 has not only given teachers and students access to a wider selection of learning options - as classes are not hampered by access to laptop carts or desktop computers - but also has created a gateway to focus on teaching students how to use technology more effectively,” said Teresa Bosse, LHS Media Center specialist. “For example, in past years the Media Center was often utilized by teachers and students primarily as a computer lab. Now, the Media Center is becoming a space where collaborative work, independent study, Socratic seminars, and large-group instruction take place. In addition, now students can conduct research more effectively as they are able to receive direct instruction and then bookmark sites throughout that instructional time to reference easily in their independent work.”

Classroom teachers like LHS Science Teacher Tonya Nkhata value the options she can now offer students.

“With engaging technology such as Gizmos, students have the ability to work at their own pace,” said Nkhata. “It’s easier to give students varied learning opportunities and collaborative experiences which enable them to truly show their understanding. And with each student having a reliable device, we no longer have to worry about access. We are leveling the playing field for all kids.”

Students echo Nkhata’s description of the experience.

“Many of the activities we have to do are online so having access to our devices makes it possible for all kids to be involved,” said LHS Senior Sean Ovens.

Ovens is a member of Leaders in Technology (LIT), a student group that provides technology support for LHS. He also sees how 1:1 has improved his role in that group.

“We have a more organized system now,” said Ovens. “With our new Help Desk, we are more accessible to students and teachers, and we have better systems in place for getting resources to the people who need them.”

The benefits of 1:1 extend to staff as well as students.

“Knowing each student has a device helps with planning tremendously,” LHS English teacher Lindsay Bruggeman. “I am able to more effectively chunk out sections of class to allow for a variety of independent and collaborative activities. Having access to Google Drive means I can easily edit information and immediately share that with students. I don’t have to spend nearly as much time copying and can devote more time to planning engaging lessons and providing meaningful feedback to students.”

“I’ve been working with many teachers on everything from helping students access their new online textbook resources to using Blackboard test features for item analysis to Google Apps for Education (GAfE) for presentations. This type of meaningful technology integration is having a positive impact across the curriculum,” said Innovative Instructional Coach Amanda Bimonte. “Overall, the 1:1 initiative is leading to deeper learning and higher engagement for all Tigers.”

Photo caption: Students helping students – Leaders in Technology work with classmates, pictured (L to R), Freshman Daniel Hinrichsen, Senior Travis Fletcher, LIT Member and Freshman David Gregory, LIT Member and Senior Mitchell Saatkamp.
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