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Champions Kindergarten Enrichment Partnership

Posted Thursday, May 22, 2014

Champions Kindergarten Enrichment Partnership Please note: Transportation for this program will be provided by the Loveland City School District.

The goal of the Champions Kindergarten Partnership with Loveland Schools is to deliver a quality out-of-school time experience that provides additional opportunity for children’s development and learning that complements the robust education that they are receiving during the school day. To meet this goal, Champions will implement the following based on partnership with the school’s administration:

Learning Environment
• Neat, attractive, and child-oriented classroom to convey a sense of belonging and esteem to children. Equipment and materials are neatly displayed in areas appropriate to their intended use.
• Literacy-rich environments facilitating and encouraging meaningful use of language and offering opportunities for development of language and literacy skills in an authentic way.
• Classroom arranged into learning centers that reflect the curriculum focus areas.
• Learning centers encouraging exploration and discovery at the child’s pace and also allowing teachers to individualize attention by encouraging children to make choices appropriate to their needs.
• Each thematic unit within our curriculum contains specific guidelines for teachers to enrich learning centers. At a minimum, our programs include the following learning centers:
o Language and Literacy
o Math
o Blocks
o Science
o Dramatic Play
o Creative Arts

Curriculum and Instruction
Champions will integrate Loveland Schools’ objectives based on information collected from school administration throughout the lesson plans. In addition, Champions will provide:

• Teacher-guided, whole-group instruction twice per day.
• Small-group skill-based learning activities in math and literacy daily.
• Featured and related book read-alouds daily.
• Child-directed experiences in enriched learning centers daily.
• Skill-building activities for additional practice and development in core skill areas
• Sequenced introduction of alphabet letters and phonemes and introduction of 1st 100 high- frequency words
• Fine arts strand showcasing master artists and their mediums
• Multi-week project work encourages children to investigate and maintain involvement, developing both short and long term academic abilities.
• Journals to represent children’s daily lives through beginning letter formation and emergent writing
• Other instructional strategies:
o Estimation Jar
o Classroom Helpers
o Word Walls
o Community-Building Discussions
• Thematic Units: Twenty carefully selected thematic units provide opportunities to introduce important content. Thematic units offer an organizing structure for science and social studies learning, as well as contextual introduction of literacy and math concepts. The two-week thematic units, listed by season, cover the following topics:
o Fall
Unit One: All About Me
Unit Two: My Home and Family
Unit Three: Pets
Unit Four: In the Fall
Unit Five: The Farm
Unit Six: My Community
o Winter
Unit Seven: Occupations
Unit Eight: Healthy Bodies
Unit Nine: My Imagination
Unit Ten: Dinosaurs
Unit Eleven: In the Winter
Unit Twelve: Tools and Machines
Unit Thirteen: Transportation
o Spring
Unit Fourteen: The Earth
Unit Fifteen: Plants
Unit Sixteen: Insects and Spiders
Unit Seventeen: In the Spring
Unit Eighteen: The Sky

• Developmental checklists, portfolio collection, anecdotal observation
• All assessments link to program scope and sequence
• The program demonstrates the connection between Early Learning Standards, K-12 educational experiences, and lifelong learning.
• Assessments shared with families and with school administration (with guardian permission)

Please access the attached downloadable file for pricing information for the 2014-15 school year.
Attachments Available To Download:
2014-15 Price Information
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