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Hour of Code

Posted Friday, December 4, 2015

Hour of CodeWe are thrilled to present you with a student-authored story promoting the learning our students at Loveland High School (LHS), Loveland Middle School (LMS) and Loveland Intermediate School (LIS) will participate in the international Hour of Code event. Please see the details as written by LHS Senior Hannah Matuszak.

Go Tigers!

LMS and LIS Host the Hour of Code
By Hannah Matuszak, LHS Senior

Next week, LMS and LIS students will spend an hour playing on their Chromebooks and other electronic devices in the middle of class. This might not sound like education at work, but in fact, they’ll be learning about the power of computer science and the basic principles of programming through a nationwide event called the Hour of Code that the Loveland school district will be hosting.

The Hour of Code ( was designed to get kids interested in computer science through games and tutorials that make learning to code more fun and less intimidating for beginners. Students can complete puzzles that introduce them to the logical side of coding with the Lightbot ( app, create animations using simple programming commands with Scratch from MIT, learn to code their own website in HTML with Codecademy,( or try out one of the many other tutorials that are available. Although this event only lasts for an hour, students who become curious about coding can access any of the games from their own computer to learn more whenever they want.

Why is it so important to get kids passionate about the world of computer science? The IT field is one of the fastest growing industries in the job market today, with the U.S. Bureau of Labor predicting that employment in all computer occupations will increase by 22 percent by 2020, so programming offers endless opportunities for today’s students. However, diving straight into computer science and figuring out how to understand a screen covered in endless strings of code can be intimidating. Hour of Code is working to clear up this confusion by showing students that everyone can and should learn to code. In today’s world, nearly every career involves some computer-related component, so even if you aren’t planning to write programs for Google in the future, knowledge about coding will help you to succeed no matter what you hope to achieve.

Last year, LHS ran the Hour of Code for the first time, resulting in success that led the event to expand to LMS and LIS this year. Students quickly got the hang of the coding tutorials and enjoyed completing the different games and puzzles. One student who participated in the high school’s event summed up the process of learning to code for the first time perfectly by commenting, “It was very frustrating, but I learned a lot. Thank you.” Creating a program for the first time is a challenging, educational process that teaches students to think in new ways and solve problems creatively, an experience that all students will get the chance to learn from during the Hour of Code the week of December 7.

Photo caption: LHS Senior Hannah Matuszak on her computer.
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