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Geeking out AND completely psyched

Posted Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Geeking out AND completely psychedLast year one of my blogs focused on the art of “geeking out.” (Yes, remember me… I’m the one who brought you that term.) Now – relishing in things that many people consider to be geeky – we could not be more psyched to introduce you to a group of students taking this to the next level…our Leaders in Technology.

It is actually pretty special, and is taking place at Loveland High School (LHS).

With the start of the 2015-2016 school year, our Leaders in Technology have been helping manage and operate a newly formed Innovation Lab course at LHS. As part of their studies, this group of six student leaders (grades 10-12) – under the direction of Instructional Technology Specialist John Munnis – are paving the way to new levels of customer service and support in regards to all things technology in the classroom. Supporting the technology tools of our teachers, as well as our new student Chromebooks, the Leaders in Technology (LIT) crew have quickly established themselves as the go-to experts in all things technology. They are essentially real-working Informational Technology (IT) experts for the building – sharing their knowledge with our district and other Ohio districts.

Yes – our students are essentially mastering subject matter and then teaching others…

During our fall teacher professional development offering, our LIT members were on hand at LHS to help deliver and present alongside school teachers and administration on topics such as Google Apps for Education and the use of Chromebooks in the classroom. Even more impressive, these student leaders attended the Learn21 Conference in Columbus this November to present to educators from across the state. As a student panel, they described (with whit, hilarity and expertise, I might add) their experiences serving on a student technology support team.

Customer service, problem solving, critical thinking… these are the skills being honed, and these are lessons that will serve these students well, regardless of what career path each of the LIT members decides to pursue. Win-win.

We are beyond excited at the work that has been started by our Leaders in Technology, and cannot wait to see how this program continues to develop. This group has proven not only to be our Leaders in Technology, but are sure to also be our leaders of tomorrow.

David Knapp

Photo caption (L to R): Leaders in Technology students at the Learn21 Conference at Ohio State included Jonathan Reese, Travis Fletcher, Morlan Osgood, Jared Holladay and Jared Frees. (Not pictured: Samuel Wenger.)

Posted December 15, 2015
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