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#LovelandLearning at LMS

Posted Tuesday, February 23, 2016

#LovelandLearning at LMSIn this special series, we talked academics with each building principal to really understand what #LovelandLearning is all about.

Loveland City School District (LCSD):
At LMS, what is your team doing really well to promote academic achievement for students?

Chris Burke (CB):
Much of what we do at LMS is based on the collaboration and leadership of our Academic Teams. Our teams recognize students through various ways including TigerUp awards, Student of the Month, recognition letters sent home, and reward days. At middle school it is very important that we recognize achievement as well as work ethic. Adolescence is a time when students can lose focus on the big picture and it is key that we help them grow as they learn to integrate all the extra-curriculars and social "distractions.”

LCSD: What do you hope to work on?

In the coming months and years I am looking to increase the social/emotional intelligences of our students while supporting a robust academic experience. Bringing in Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM), adopting a new science curriculum, and Digital Arts are hopefully only the first steps in an evolving Loveland Middle School experience.

LCSD: What academic accomplishment are you most proud of at LMS?

I am proud of the recent academic choice we have given to students to select their specials. I am a firm believer in the practice of helping students find a passion and then giving them as much experience as possible playing in the sandbox of their choosing. I am also proud of the growth that our students made in our team-taught Tier 2 intervention classes. In these classes, students who qualify based on data get instruction in math and language arts classes. These classes are smaller in size and are team taught by two to three teachers. We have seen this be a big benefit to students who may have fallen deeply behind otherwise.

Here is a look at the academic programs offered at Loveland Middle School:

Language Arts - Language Arts builds on a foundation of quality reading and writing skills and helps students develop their thought processes.
Math - We take students from the elementary basics in math and prep them for the higher learning they will tackle in high school.
Science - Students experience and explore grade-level curriculum through inquiry and activity based lessons.
Social Studies - Students get an in-depth and comprehensive experience in both Ancient World History (7th Grade) and early American History (8th grade) in the Social Studies classes at LMS.
Physical Education - LMS students learn and practice the qualities of a healthy lifestyle in an immersive environment.
Health - LMS 8th Grade students learn about many of the important factors of healthy decision making that they will face as they enter young-adulthood.
Art - LMS students study various methods and mediums as they practice the creative process in Art class.
Digital Arts - Students use an ever-evolving set of programs to develop and create products that are valuable and eye catching in Digital Arts.
STEM - Students in STEM have a hands on experience in the design and modeling experience using the latest technology.
Robotics - Students will learn the basics of robotics.
Music Offerings - Students will have a year-long learning experience in their choice of Choir, Band or Strings taught by passionate teachers.

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