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LHS introduces unique academic pathway for students

Posted Thursday, April 27, 2017

LHS Teacher Bre SambuchinoAt the start of the 2017-18 school year, some students at Loveland High School (LHS) won’t simply return to the classroom – they will begin to understand how to lead one! LHS is developing academic pathways to give students unique coursework that will set them on a professional path – and it begins this coming fall with the Teaching Professions Academy. Developed by LHS Teacher Bre Sambuchino, the Teaching Professions Academy includes four new courses offered to juniors and seniors – Child and Adolescent Development, Curriculum and Instruction, Classroom Management and Education Principles. We sat down with Mrs. Sambuchino to learn more.

Loveland City School District (LCSD): Why did LHS decide to begin exploration into academic pathways with the study of education?

Bre Sambuchino (BS): Over 60 percent of teachers work within 20 miles of where they attended high school. Teaching pipelines are pretty local! Future Loveland teachers may be sitting in our desks right now. Let's train them and give them a head start with their education preparation. By being in Teaching Professions Academy, they will have opportunities to visit colleges and participate in education immersion programs. Some may also earn college credit.

LCSD: What is the student selection process?

BS: Students taking Education Principles are asked to complete an application which explains that admission into the Teaching Professions Academy is based on GPA, attendance record, discipline record, and teacher recommendations. This program is offered to junior and senior students who are interested in pursuing a career in education.

LCSD: What will the courses entail?

BS: Each course is tailored to address specific state standards with end-of-course exams. Students in Education Principles will be completing 72-120 hours of field observation in classrooms and a portfolio of 24 essays. Each course will be very hands on. For example, if a student is in Child and Adolescent Development, they will not only be learning about child development but will also be learning about teaching strategies at the same time. A student may be asked to teach a mini-lesson comparing the brain development of a child at birth, at six months old and at two years. A homework assignment might be to develop an educational game using technology for the vocabulary he/she is learning.

LCSD: Why are you excited to be a part of this new learning opportunity for students?

BS: I am thrilled to be serving the Loveland community in this capacity. When we think of the district's Care goal the Teaching Professions Academy is a perfect fit; I can't wait for the opportunity to teach our students how to care for the students who will be in their classrooms. I consider this task to be a great responsibility. This program is a professional program with high expectations but it is rooted in deep care and concern for others.

LCSD: Anything you would like to add?

BS: The graphic arts students are working on a logo right now and interviewed me to help develop the idea, and one question they asked me was, "What will the environment in the classroom be like?" It will be very professional, but also a family-like atmosphere. We will work hard and have high expectations, but we will care for one another. It will be a community.

Photo caption: LHS Teacher Bre Sambuchino will lead the first LHS academic pathway – Teaching Professions Academy – starting the fall of 2017.
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