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Innovation in Education: Meet the LMS Math Posse

Posted Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Innovation in Education: Meet the LMS Math PosseFebruary is digital learning month in Loveland, so we are introducing you to dynamic teachers who know how to put technology to work to enhance education for students

Jayson Bruce, Abby Beach and Sara James have taught in the Loveland City School District a combined eight years; the group currently teaches seventh grade math at Loveland Middle School (LMS)… and they truly work as a posse – using a collaboration tool – OneNote – to plan out joint class lessons.

“It is no small task,” said Bruce. “When the bell rings and students take their seats at 7:45 sharp, I have to be ready to roll, and that takes hours of preparation outside of class.”

OneNote works like a virtual lesson plan allowing the teachers to work together on what will be taught and when; the team has the ability to plan out lessons weeks in advance, and keep all of the students moving at the same pace.

“Lesson Planning on OneNote has allowed us to do our job very efficiently,” said Beach. “Since we work so well together, collaborating frees up time for us to continue to improve future lessons and help our students the best way possible.”

“I still teach it my way, but we are all heading for the same target,” explained Bruce. “The goal is to get the best resources possible for instruction and this allows us to do that.”

“One huge benefit of OneNote is that all the seventh grade math students are covering the same topics at the same time,” said James. “This allows the students to collaborate with peers that may not have the same math teacher. Covering the same topic and using many of the same resources allows the students in afterschool activities to get help from friends instead of having to wait to ask the teacher the next day.”

In addition to planning as a team online, the teachers also utilize Schoology technology with the students.

“The interface of Schoology is similar to other social network sites,” explained Beach. “It really gets our students attention and allows us to get digital information to the students in a way that they are comfortable.”

“We’ve gone 100 percent digital in the seventh grade math department,” said Bruce. “Everything we study we have a digital copy of and it is all uploaded into the Schoology system, along with assignments and additional resources.”

The LMS math team has also started to flip their classrooms on occasion – video recording the lectures for students to watch as homework, and working on the application of the lessons during class time. They even developed their own YouTube LMS math channel.

“We used the last inservice day to train other teachers on this technique which can be very effective,” said Bruce. “We are seeing it in use more and more throughout the district.”

Photo caption (L to R): Sara James, Jayson Bruce and Abby Beach
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