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Innovation in Education: Meet Traci Stubenrauch

Posted Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Innovation in Education: Meet Traci StubenrauchFebruary is digital learning month in Loveland, so we are introducing you to dynamic teachers who know how to put technology to work to enhance education for students

Traci Stubenrauch has worked in the Loveland City School District 8 years; she currently teaches first grade at Loveland Primary School (LPS).

Loveland teacher approved: that is the guarantee parents have when they visit the wiki space Stubenrauch and a team of first-grade teachers created as a resource.

“Parents asked for this,” said Stubenrauch. “My team has long wanted a one-stop resource targeted to first-grade literacy, so during the last inservice we made it happen; the first grade staff from LPS and Loveland Early Childhood Center spent the day researching specific tools that tied with the common core.

“We used our own expertise and knowledge to research what we thought were the best tools, then put all of those into our wiki space. It turned out to be an amazing space, and it only cost $1 for us to open it to the public.”

Now, parents and teachers have access to the research on one site.

“I’m very proud of what the team accomplished,” said Kevin Fancher, LPS principal. “Our creative use of technology doesn’t end with the wiki site – in Mrs. Stubenrauch’s class mp3 players tell digital stories to students; Mrs. Wind’s class accesses an online digital edition of Scholastic News – a publication written solely for classroom instruction; every classroom at LPS is utilizing digital document cameras this year for instruction in writing and math, along with interactive projectors called Smartboards.”

“That’s where our kids are at,” said Stubenrauch. “That’s what motivates my students. They really connect with the technology, and we need to meet and engage them where they are at and where they are going. This is their future and we are preparing them for it.”

Want to see the wiki space the team created? Visit:

Special thanks to all of the teachers who created the wiki space, including: Jen Bebout, Kelly Cooper, Shawn Flick, Krista Freeman, Karen Griffin, Vanessa Kennedy, Cristin Kiefer, Melanie Laurent, Amanda Rockhold, Lisa Schmidt, Deb Schulz, Traci Stubenrauch, Sue Welder, Jane Wind, Christine Wise.
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