About Loveland City Schools

  • Loveland City School District covers about 16 square miles, in parts of three counties: Hamilton, Clermont, and Warren.  The district includes most of the City of Loveland and reaches into Symmes, Goshen, Hamilton, and Miami Townships. The district has an enrollment of about 4,200 students for the 2022-23 school year and serves a population of nearly 28,000 people, according to 2020 Census Bureau data

    The District has six schools aligned by grade level:

    Loveland Early Childhood Center (preschool & kindergarten)
    Loveland Primary School (grades 1 and 2)
    Loveland Elementary School (grades 3 and 4)
    Loveland Intermediate School (grades 5 and 6)
    Loveland Middle School (grades 7 and 8)
    Loveland High School (grades 9-12)

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