About Loveland City Schools

  • Loveland City School District covers about 15 square miles, in parts of three counties: Hamilton, Clermont, and Warren. The district surrounds the City of Loveland and reaches into Symmes, Goshen, Hamilton, and Miami Townships. Loveland Schools serves a population of 50,000 residents, including the City of Loveland.

    Loveland Schools’ current student enrollment is around 4,600.

    The District has six schools aligned by grade level:

    Loveland Early Childhood Center (preschool & kindergarten)
    Loveland Primary School (grades 1 and 2)
    Loveland Elementary School (grades 3 and 4)
    Loveland Intermediate School (grades 5 and 6)
    Loveland Middle School (grades 7 and 8)
    Loveland High School (grades 9-12)

Important Documents

Portrait of a Tiger

Portrait of a Tiger, Preparing Students for Tomorrow Today.

District Commitments

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