Loveland Tiger Pathways

  • Loveland Tiger Pathways is our high school experiential learning program to prepare students for lifelong success through enlistment, enrollment, or employment. Students explore careers at every stage of their journey through the Loveland City School District. The Loveland Tiger Pathways program provides students with experiential learning opportunities through partnerships with local businesses and community members. 

    Employment, job shadowing, internships, and volunteer opportunities ensure that Loveland students are ready for life beyond the classroom. That experience helps students make more informed decisions about the college majors or careers they may pursue after graduation. They might also earn industry credentials or the OhioMeansJobs-Readiness seal on their diploma - showing future employers they have the work habits and professionalism to enter the workforce. 

    The State of Ohio has made college, career, workforce, and military readiness a goal for schools. Loveland City School District has committed to helping students learn about the many pathways to lifelong success through enlistment, enrollment, or employment as part of our #beLOVEland Strategic Vision. 

    Our Loveland Tiger Pathways program sets students on a path to success!

    Contact College and Career Counselor Drews Mitchell at to learn more.

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