After completing the Work Permit Application, the student must bring them to the main office at Loveland High School.

    The application will be processed online at the State of Ohio Department of Commerce web site.  The student must then sign the “Age and Schooling Certificate” (work permit) in the presence of the “issuing officer,” Mrs. Renner or Mrs. Monfreda.  The applicant will be given a copy to take to his/her employer and a copy, along with the application, will be filed in the main office.

    Students will need to complete this process for each job they hold.

    Student/Applicant Information

    This form is to be completed by the student/applicant and must be signed by a parent or guardian before being submitted to the main office for processing.

    Pledge of Employer

    This form is to be completed by the employer. 

    • Employers must fill out the information in items 1, 2, 3, and 4 with times and numbers of days/hours – not the word “representative” or “varies.” Work permits are filed on line and the options in the pull-down menu are times and numbers only and cannot be left blank. The work permit cannot be issued without this information.  Please use times that are representative of the schedule that the applicant will be working.
    • The “Employers Tax ID Number” (9 digits) is mandatory. The work permit cannot be issued without this number.

    Physician’s Certificate for Minor Work Permit

    This form must be completed by a physician and dated within the year prior to the date of application.  If the applicant has had a physical already, the physician may complete the form and date it as of the last physical, as long as the date is not more than a year prior to the date of application.

    If the applicant is a school athlete, he/she may submit a copy of the physical required by the athletic department, as long as it is not more than a year old.


    For more information or questions, contact Mrs. Renner or Mrs. Monfreda at 697-3701.

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