Loveland Early Childhood Center

  • The Loveland Early Childhood Center serves all Loveland preschoolers and kindergarten students. Approximately 500 students attend LECC – all of them very special!

    Our kindergarten program offers a full-day or half-day option. The full-day program is currently tuition-based, Monday through Friday. Our preschool program is half-day, with no classes on Fridays. Whether a student will attend AM or PM preschool or kindergarten is largely determined by busing. In general, all Clermont County and Warren County students attend the AM session, and all Hamilton County students attend the PM session. 

    You can also find helpful information in our virtual  Kindergarten Round-Up slide show. 

    With a staff of about 60, LECC boasts a committed, child-centered, and professional team. We have a strong focus on literacy, combined with a rich and varied exposure across many curriculum areas.

    School visits/tours are available on a scheduled basis, although due to demand and classroom interruption we cannot offer in-class observation to visitors.

    Kindergarten Entry Age Policy

    Any child reaching age 5 by September 30th of the upcoming school year is eligible to enroll. Registration begins shortly after winter break for the upcoming year. Parents can register a student online by clicking on the "New Student Enrollment" tab on the homepage of the website, submitting the enrollment information online, and then making an appointment with our Central Registrar (513-774-6223).  Sometimes parents question if their child is ready for kindergarten or should wait another year. Unfortunately, there is no perfect formula to determine whether or not a child is truly ready for kindergarten. 

    Loveland Early Childhood Center Preschool

    Loveland Early Childhood Center (LECC) is pleased to offer a preschool program designed to serve children three to five years of age. LECC offers this program tuition-free for children with a variety of disabilities who qualify for special education services in response to a federal mandate, and for a fee to serve typically developing children.

Contact Information

School Hours

  • Full-Day Start Time: 8:00 am
    Full-Day Dismissal: 2:50 pm
    AM Half-Day Start Time: 8:00 am
    AM Half-Day Dismissal: 10:50 am
    PM Half-Day Start Time: 12:00 pm
    PM Half-Day Dismissal: 2:50 pm