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Gifted Services

Loveland City Schools is committed to providing a continuum of support for students identified as academically or cognitively gifted. Loveland City Schools provides continued professional learning for staff on the unique academic, social, and emotional needs of gifted-identified children. This commitment to continual gifted education professional learning allows classroom teachers to support gifted children in a variety of settings. This continuum of support includes learning opportunities within the general education classroom that consist of differentiated curriculum options, instructional approaches, and resource materials. The continuum of support for gifted students also includes pullout services at the 3rd and 4th-grade levels and advanced course offerings starting in 5th grade. Gifted students will have intellectual peers in their classes to engage in the collaboration, discussion, and investigation of a rigorous curriculum.

There are several licensed and certified gifted intervention specialists (GIS) in the district, and all teachers providing service to gifted students regularly engage in professional development focusing on meeting the needs of gifted learners. These specialists support students and teachers in several ways, including classroom instruction, resource intervention, and support for teachers with gifted students in their classrooms.

In grades K-2, we strongly believe that the academic and social-emotional needs of students are best met by their classroom teacher. Students are provided multiple opportunities to learn with academic and cognitive peers in small groups supported by the teacher.

In grades 3-4, there are opportunities for students to engage in gifted pullout services provided by a Gifted Intervention Specialist. Additionally, in grades 3-8, students identified as academically gifted in reading and math will receive instruction from a qualified classroom teacher who meets state gifted requirements. In grades 5-8, students identified as superior cognitively gifted but not academically gifted will receive support from a qualified teacher through their English/Language Arts class.

Loveland High School offers a rigorous and comprehensive college preparatory program with multiple Honors and Advanced Placement courses, courses for college credit, and opportunities to explore talents in the arts and foreign languages. Students in AP English and Math classes will receive gifted support from a qualified teacher in their AP class. Please view the high school website for more specific descriptions of offerings.