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Preschool Registration

The Loveland City Schools Preschool program was developed to serve children 3-5 years of age with a wide variety of disabilities qualifying for special education services in response to a federal mandate. Our program model includes children with typical development to provide a more inclusive and enriching learning environment and experience. Those interested in entering their typically developing 3-5-year-old child in the Loveland City Schools Preschool program should complete the application and return it directly to the Loveland Early Childhood Center at 6740 Loveland-Miamiville Road. Families will be notified by mail, email, and/or phone regarding admission to the program.

Preschool registration is only available during a limited window, typically at the beginning of December. Check back here for information.

Contact Information

Jenna Hawks, LECC Secretary

Phone: (513) 683-4200