How Much Will The Levy Cost Me?

  • Appraised Home Value
    (determined by County Auditor)

    Monthly Cost

    Annual Cost











    Homeowners would pay $14.29 per month per $100,000 in appraised value of their home. The average homeowner in Loveland, with a home value of around $350,000, would pay $50.02 additional per month. Your appraised home value can be found on the County Auditor’s website.

    The calculation to determine your annual cost from a 4.9 mill levy is below:
    (Appraised Home Value) x .35 x .0049 = Annual Cost from 4.9 mill levy
    For example, a home with a $350,000 appraised value would be calculated:
    $350,000 x .35 x .0049 = $600.25 annually or $50.02 monthly

    The county auditor determines property values, and property values can be found on the county auditor’s website. 
    Hamilton County:
    Warren County:
    Clermont County:

    In this video, Superintendent Mike Broadwater explains how a Loveland homeowner can calculate the levy’s impact.