Health Services

  • A student’s ability to learn is affected by their physical, mental, emotional, and health, and the health of their learning environment. Loveland students are supported through both direct and indirect services provided by the District Nurses and Health Aides, who make up the Health Services Department. There is a Health Aide onsite Monday through Friday all day at each building except Loveland High School, where one of the District Nurses has both everyday clinic duties as well as some district ones.
    Assessment, planning, implementation/intervention, and evaluation are the cornerstone of all that the District Nurses are involved with. They address individual student and staff health concerns, educate on health-related topics, promote special programs, do required vision and hearing screenings, and respond to the physical, mental, and emotional needs of students and staff alike. Additionally, the District nurses: 
    • Collaborate with other professionals on the special needs of students, including team evaluations and IEP team meetings
    • Collaborate with the administrative team to encourage wellness programs and activities for both students and staff
    • Serve on various committees
    • Provide continuity of care for students with health-related needs as they move through the school system, developing health plans as needed.

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