Statement on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • A comprehensive education in a free society develops persons who can think critically, engage in self-reflection, understand all cultures, live compassionately with others, and use their reflection and experiences to make sound judgments. As the great equalizer, education in a pluralistic society must strive to present varied events, activities and perceptions reflected in history, literature and other sources of humanity’s thought and expression. Therefore, the Loveland City School District commits unwavering support to diversity, equity, and inclusion of culture, thought, ideas and experiences.

    LCSD seeks to ensure the growth of every individual in our sphere of influence by:

    • Creating a safe & inclusive learning environment that provides equitable access for all members of the school community regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, gender identification or expression, sexual orientation, ability, language, family structure or economic status.
    • Providing access to materials and experiences which express diversity of perspective, broaden students’ worldviews, and better equip them to live, thrive, and contribute positively to a diverse world.
    • Engaging in culturally competent practices that target core areas: value of diversity, cultural awareness, understanding the dynamics of cultural interactions, and taking cultural knowledge and adapting it to diversity and learning.

    The Loveland City Schools commit to the development of critical thinkers by offering the opportunity to understand, study, and embrace difference as the fabric of our Democracy, a Democracy free from hatred, alienation, or division.

    The above statement was adopted by the Loveland City School District Board of Education April 20, 2021.