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Levy FAQ

November 2019 Levy FAQ
What is on the November 5 ballot?
A ballot issue for the Loveland City Schools that will provide funds for:
  • day-to-day operations of our schools;
  • repairs and renovations to our schools that will alleviate overcrowding and reduce reliance on trailers, update antiquated facilities and out-of-date science and technology laboratories while providing important safety and security updates to every school building in the district; and,
  • provide new buildings for Pre-K through 5th grade.
What would the levy cost?
The total cost is $49/month per $100,000 of appraised value (per the county auditor’s website). 
Note: On September 9, 2019 the Board of Education unanimously approved a resolution for a phased-in finance structure of the November 5 ballot issue. If passed, the cost will be reduced to less than half of the initial request for property owners in the first year and gradually increase over the following two years. To learn more, click here.
Why do we need some new school buildings and renovations and upgrades to others?
Two reasons:
  1. It is cheaper to replace some of our facilities than it is to renovate them. With others, it is cheaper to renovate them to extend their useful life. This is all accounted for in the plan placed before voters. Frankly, we do a great job with upkeep but we cannot outwork or compensate for antiquated technology wiring, plumbing, space limitations and classroom inadequacies that come with schools that are up to 80-years-old. 
  2. We are out of space. We are already using trailers and having class on hallway floors. We are maximizing all of our options but we are out of options with our existing facilities.

How was this school building facilities plan developed?
Large community input sessions were held to learn about the needs in our buildings. The master facility plan was thoroughly vetted through a series of large group sessions, focus groups and online surveys. The school building plan put forth to voters is a comprehensive plan that will meet the district’s enrollment, safety and educational needs for a long time. The operating portion of the levy will meet the district’s day-to-day operating needs for at least three years.

Why does it make sense to do all of the construction work now?
In doing it all at once, the district would be able to:
  • take advantage of historically low interest rates;
  • complete construction in the shortest time frame possible;
  • minimize the increasing cost of materials and construction over time; and,
  • minimize disruption to students and instruction.

If the levy fails, then things begin to look different in our schools. The fact is that continuing to just “make do” comes with a cost.
  • We will have to divert funds to pay for temporary solutions such as trailers for classroom space.
  • We will have to continue to defer important safety and security upgrades and delay updates to our science and technology labs.
  • We will need to continue diverting funds from the classroom so that we can make critical fixes in our schools.

If the levy passes, we can adequately address our immediate operating needs and our critical facility needs for the long-term. This includes making updates to our science, technology labs and providing safety and security updates to all schools to prevent unauthorized intrusions.


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