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My highlight reel… blooper footage INCLUDED
My highlight reel… blooper footage INCLUDEDI’m a working mom of three active kids and I have it all together! Seriously. Check me out on Facebook. I’m totally acing this mom thing. Summer activities for the kids? Check! Club sports and marching band? Uniforms ready for action! Family vacation pics? Perfect! First day of school pics posted by 8 a.m.? On it. My highlight reel is stellar.

Truth be told, behind the scenes, I’m lucky my shoes match any given day. My “active” kids are each diagnosed with ADHD. For my children, the symptoms of ADHD affect their executive functioning skills. This means that “doing school” is a monumental task. Executive functioning skills are the self-regulating functions that govern such things like our ability to organize, prioritize, manage time, and attend to tasks. This means that our house typically resembles the aftermath of a natural disaster. We have color-coded, labeled, three-hole-punched, and bindered more times than I could possibly count to better organize for school. True confessions? My kids have worn the same clothes to school two days in row having slept in them. Some days we share a family high-five for simply making it through our day. (For more information on ADHD, executive functioning and school click here.)

As a family, we choose to use medication to help regulate the symptoms of ADHD, and we try to provide a structure in our home that helps us all be more successful. However, as my children get older and we have to juggle more and more activities, I’m very much aware that my “behind the scenes” looks more and more like a blooper reel. I worry that I’m not doing enough. I worry that I’m not doing the right things for my kids. I compare myself to the highlight reels of my friends and I wonder what else I could be doing.

I have found many valuable resources on the internet, but the Children’s Hospital Center for ADHD is an amazing local resource for families of ADHD students. Click here for the schedule of groups and contact information. You’ll find access in the bottom right hand corner of the page. Groups fill up very quickly. If you have interest, you should call today.

As parents, we all want the best for our kids. If your family lives with ADHD, I encourage you to check out the Children’s Hospital Center for ADHD for some “behind-the-scenes” support.

In Service to Our Tigers,
Dr. Amy Crouse
Posted Wednesday, Aug. 26, 2015