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First Day of School
First Day of School I love the first day of school. It’s full of promise and opportunity.

As educators, we spend the summer learning new standards or curriculum. We prepare lessons and classrooms and plan with colleagues. On the first day of school, though, we are all reminded that it is the relationships we have with our students that matter more than any lesson we teach.

Each one of these children entrusted to us is an individual with hopes and dreams for what this school year might bring, and they are as different as the shoes they wear. Some are shiny and ready to take on the world, while others seem ready for combat. Some sparkle and others are already worn around the edges. Many come to us open and vulnerable, while others hide safely behind a shield. Today we meet them and welcome all of them to our classrooms. By the end of the day, we already love them.

So, this year the lessons taught in our classrooms will be meaningful. We will be held accountable to state standards and required assessments. We will cry and be exhausted and anxious. We will also laugh and be excited and proud. We will make mistakes along the way and we will come back fresh every morning trying to make each day better. More importantly, however, we will push, challenge, support, frustrate, empower, trust, and, yes, love each of the beautiful children we are fortunate enough to call “ours” this school year.

Every day these shoes will enter our hallways and every day our educators greet them with a smile. We will help each of them walk their best path this year.

In Service to Our Tigers,
Dr. Amy Crouse

Posted August 19, 2015