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A new level of instruction
A new level of instruction Loveland Intermediate School (LIS) Teacher Heidi Bally has raised the bar for math instruction all day, every day, in her classroom; she is not alone. At LIS and Loveland Middle School (LMS) math teachers are unleashing the potential of the online math program Digits.

"When technology first started becoming a buzzword – learning about everything possible with technology seemed like a huge challenge,” said Bally. “It's amazing how quickly everything became integrated into my classroom. Technology has helped me in so many ways!”

Accessed through Chromebooks at school, Digits combines a comprehensive math curriculum, powerful best practices in teaching, and easy-to-use technology so teachers can deliver personalized instruction effectively and save valuable time.

“Having homework assignments graded automatically with automatic feedback to students has become something I can't live without!” said Bally. “It frees up my time for finding ways to improve instruction rather than just spending hours grading.”

"Integrating technology not only increases student engagement, but impacts the type of instruction teachers can provide,” said Innovative Instructional Coach Laura Holtkamp. “Our classrooms are evolving as more technology becomes available. Teachers can use technology to help them provide a personalized learning experience. Is this change easy? No way! As with anything new, we must learn to adapt our own teaching methods and embrace the opportunities we can bring to our students."

“Digits marked an important shift for the district in the investment we were willing to make to enhance our instruction,” said David Knapp, district director of technology. “We equipped our classrooms with a cutting-edge program, and that shift took time to adapt to; now that it is off and running – we are thrilled with the results we have seen. It pushed us out of our comfort zone, and if we really want to grow – that is what we must do.”

Photo caption: Teacher Heidi Bally works through math problems with her students.