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Tablets: More than just apps and games
Tablets: More than just apps and games Loveland Primary School (LPS) second-grade students in Jennifer Hilton’s class can not only tell you what a QR code is – but they can also create one to check math! The advanced student capability is in part thanks to new tablets LPS equipped students with this year as part of the district device expansion into elementary grades. Mrs. Hilton instructed her student to use the tablets and a QR code reader to check their learning.

“Kids are inquisitive,” said Hilton. “The new tablets have been a wonderful asset to all teachers to incorporate into their classroom stations as well as for use as an independent learning tool.”

“Mrs. Hilton is always seeking fun and interesting ways to engage her students,” said Innovative Instructional Coach Susan Craig. “She wanted to incorporate her Nexus Tablets into her classroom instruction. Her students loved the initial lesson and eventually the tablet use expanded beyond math lessons to also include grammar.

“I met with two students who told me how the lesson went. Both students described a collaborative instructional environment and said that it was a ‘cool lesson’ and they really enjoyed making up their own problems and checking the work of their friends.”

“The tablets have been an amazing addition to our primary classrooms,” said David Knapp, district director of technology. “Teachers are using them to reinforce skills they are teaching, as well as, put the learning in their student's hands to extend the learning process using student-centered teaching strategies. This is the trend we wanted to see, and we are excited to continue to grow the program.”

Photo caption: LPS Student Ava Mirkowski-Purdy uses her table to check her work carefully.