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Loveland City School District expands security measures
Loveland City School District expands security measuresIn a continuous effort to stay on the cutting edge of school safety, the Loveland City School District has announced its investment and installation of the NaviGate school safety response system. This web-based program collects all emergency documentation for the district, including detailed building maps and 360 degree photographs of each room in each building, sharing access to that information with emergency responders.

“It was a very easy decision to make,” said Loveland Business Manager John Ames. “It provided for such advanced capabilities for fire, police, and our staff there was no reason not to do it for the safety it provided.”

The program allows teachers and staff members to have access to vital emergency response information on mobile devices for instant access.

“We continually look at what we are doing to see how we can improve our security measures appropriately – the locking of the doors is a part of it, this new program is a part of it,” said Ames. “We are always looking to see how we can keep our children and staff as safe as possible.”