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#TigerCare: Summer support for students
Eric Dool
As we fast approach summer vacation, thoughts for most naturally turn to rest, time with friends and family, travel, summer projects, professional development and so forth. For some, however, an extended break from school can lead to significant anxiety. Will my son or daughter retain the knowledge and skills needed to be successful at the start of next year? What can I do to better prepare my child for the increasing rigor faced as they progress from grade to grade?  How will my student’s mental-health needs be met when school is not is session? As has become quite clear through research and practical application, there are many students who require summer supports in order to continue to access, participate and progress at school, year to year. That being said, Tiger Care is not something that can end in May and begin in September - it MUST be on-going.

For Loveland City Schools, targeted Care supports are an essential part of how we do business. It is an extension of our practices throughout the school year. As such, in addition to the multitude of athletic, art, and enrichment opportunities we make available to students, Loveland offers more-intensive intervention supports for smaller groups of students, frequently in collaboration with well-known community providers. Three examples include: mental-health services through The Children’s Home of Cincinnati (CHOC); an ADHD Summer Treatment Program through the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center (CCHMC); and Extended School Year (ESY) services for identified students with educational disabilities.

In March, I noted the on-going relationship Loveland has had with The Children’s Home of Cincinnati in providing mental-health services to students, inclusive of individual and family therapy, case management, and medication management services. For students involved, CHOC services will continue on-site throughout the summer – with little to no disruption in service. Arrangements for services are being handled through CHOC.

Loveland additionally will for the first time be partnering with the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center to host their annual ADHD Summer Treatment Program. This intensive, seven-week-long program has proven to be highly effective in meeting the needs of some students with ADHD, and has been offered through CCHMC for several years at Xavier University through parent payment and minimal scholarship assistance. In exchange for hosting the program in Loveland, a handful of Loveland students will be able to attend for free, or at a reduced cost for families. School teams have worked to identify possible candidates for this program.

And finally, approximately 120 students with educational disabilities will receive varied Extended School Year (ESY) summer services to prevent excessive loss of knowledge and skills during the summer months, loss typically taking excessively long periods of time to recoup in the fall. These services have been offered through Loveland for several years in a summer-school-like fashion, focused on intensive reading, mathematics, functional living, communication and sensory needs. For a few students, more individualized supports are provided.

In summary, Loveland recognizes its role in continuing to provide Care during extended absences from school. To that end, we recognize that it is our responsibility to work with families and community resources to ensure that all Tigers return to school in August ready to learn.

Eric Dool
Director of Student Services
Posted May 14, 2018
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