Wild things
Before leaving for summer break, Loveland Early Childhood Center (LECC) first-grade students had an action-packed field day with a special theme: Where the Wild Things Are. Organizers flexed their creative muscle to connect the lines from the famous children’s book with fun activities:

Roar Your Terrible Roar – Students roared into a megaphone for as long as they could run.
Show Your Terrible Claws – Students picked marbles out of the sand using their toes.
Roll Your Terrible Eyes – Students rolled tennis balls that looked like eye balls across a set area, while on scooters, using hockey sticks.
Two Headed Monster - Students partnered for a relay, wearing a two headed t-shirt.

“This is just a small sample of the activities the team planned for the students,” said Kyle Bush, LECC principal. “It was an outstanding opportunity to incorporate reading with a fun event in a way the students could really enjoy. We all had an excellent time!”

While the grand finale to the fun event was a game of tug-o-war – students made sure to join together to capture a photo of the memorable experience.
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