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Kindergarten sisters
Kindergarten sistersWhen school starts in August, Ms. Custenborder will be a common name for kindergarten students at Loveland Early Childhood Center (LECC). The school has hired sisters – Courtney and Kadie Custenborder – to teach kindergarten.

“Kadie was a new kindergarten teacher at LECC this past year after having been a long-term substitute for first grade the year prior,” said Kyle Bush, LECC principal. “I recently hired Courtney to work at LECC; she has been a highly regarded intervention specialist at Loveland Intermediate School prior to this change of assignment. So, next year LECC will have two kindergarten-teaching sisters with the same name, right across the hall from one another. That’s not something that happens every day!”

We had a chance to chat about the family affair with Courtney and Kadie. Here is the Q&A:

(Loveland City School District) How did it turn out that you have ended up teaching kindergarten across the hall from your sister who will also teach kindergarten?

(Kadie Custenborder) I am so excited Courtney will be joining the kindergarten team! I knew we were going to be having an opening, so I immediately told Kyle Bush about the perfect candidate. It worked out that she will be right across the hall!

(LCSD) What do you think it will be like to work so closely with your sister?

(Courtney Custenborder) I am really excited to work with my sister! We have always been close and I think it will be amazing to work together. Planning and working with each other will be really fun!

(LCSD) What is your goal for the kindergarten students at LECC?

(Kadie) My goal is to create life-long learners, who are excited about learning and loving school. I want my students to be excited about coming to school. I am passionate about making learning fun and exciting for children.

(Courtney) I want my students to have an amazing first experience of school. I'm really excited to get them excited about school and learning.

(LCSD) What are you most looking forward to for the upcoming year?

(Kadie) I am so excited about sharing the opportunity of teaching kindergarten with my sister! I am so excited to meet my new students, guide Courtney through her first year. I think we will both learn a lot from each other and our kids!

(Courtney) I can't wait to work with all of the kids and I'm excited about joining the LECC family.

Photo caption: LECC Kindergarten Teachers (and sisters) Courtney and Kadie Custenborder.
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