A message about school devices from Kimberly Miller, assistant superintendent for teaching and learning
Dear Loveland Parent,

At the Loveland City School District we have one goal for your child: success. We want your child to graduate from Loveland High School college or career ready, and in the ever-changing 21st Century world in which we operate, that means taking students beyond the textbook to learn.

We have no greater partner in the education of your child than you – the parent. One of the ways we partner is in making sure your student has the supplies he/she needs to learn every day. From glue sticks to notebooks and folders, you have always supported your child’s learning by providing school supplies. Today, in 2013, that school supply list is evolving to include technology that will enhance your child’s learning opportunities.

The Loveland City School District, through your financial support, has historically made computers available to students in labs and laptop carts. But, the necessity of a personal device is becoming more and more important for our students. Therefore, we are asking that you add a personal computing device to the list of school supplies for students in grades 7-12 for the 2013-2014 academic year and beyond.

Recommended Device Capabilities
Loveland City Schools is not recommending a particular device. Rather, we have partnered with our teachers to identify the capabilities recommended for a device you might purchase for your child. The recommended capabilities are as follows:

1. Access to the Internet
2. Access to Google email
3. Word processing
4. Creating presentations and the ability to share with others via a format that can cross platforms    (DropBox, Google Docs, etc.)
5. Access and read PDF files
6. Access applications and sites that require Flash and Java applets
7. Audio and video recording
8. Presentation in class from their own technology using VGA or an appropriate adapter

Students without devices:
Students in grades seven through nine who do not bring their own device will be issued a district-owned Nook, consistent with what has been provided in middle school for the past two years.

Please see the attached document which outlines the capabilities of devices you might consider.

Kimberly Miller
Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning
Attachments Available To Download:
Information Sheet: Selecting a Device for Use in School
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