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Loveland Intermediate School (LIS) students gathered for a student assembly Thursday, Feb. 28. The teacher was only a 10th grade student himself, but he is a master of the subject matter he teaches from gaining first-hand experience his entire life. Justin Bachman attends Solon High School; he has Tourette Syndrome, a neurological disorder that causes his body to make strange movements and noises that he cannot control. He also deals with severe ADHD and dysgraphia which is a fine motor skills disorder resulting in an inability to write legibly.

“This is a student who has faced many challenges,” said LIS Principal Garth Carlier. “He was constantly picked on in grade school and for two years, he was not allowed to go out for recess because he was thought of as a behavior problem.

“Through great strength and courage, Justin has used his experiences to rise above his challenges. I wanted my students to be exposed to a story of such resilience; I also wanted them to hear how hurtful bullying can be on a person – both messages were important, and I think the presentation was both inspiring and educational.”

Bachman has received numerous service awards including the 2013 CEC Yes I Can award, a gold medal PT Barnum award, a bronze medal for the Prudential Spirit of Community Award and received a Volunteer Service Award from President Barack Obama.

Bachman and his family created a nonprofit organization called Honor Good Deeds which connects people with opportunities to become involved in and helped by their community. If you would like to see a clip of Bachman speaking, click the following link:
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