Snowflakes for Sandy Hook
At Loveland Intermediate School (LIS) Thursday, Jan. 3, was a blizzard of activity: tables set up to cut, tables set up to staple, and tables set up to flatten paper snowflake creations.

“I just wish we could see their little faces when they see it,” said Carole Ritchie, LIS art teacher.

Ritchie navigated her way through the stations, organizing the sixth grade students who were creating the special gift. The dozens and dozens of snowflakes, some painted snowmen and messages of support are all on a journey to Connecticut to decorate the halls Sandy Hook students will roam, now back in class after the tragic December shooting.

“This is a powerful experience for us all,” said Garth Carlier, LIS principal. “This project teaches all of us that we have the ability to make others feel better – even miles away – and that is a lesson I want our students to understand.”

Under the direction of Ritchie and Tracey Power, both LIS art classes participated in the project. They were not alone – on the campus of Loveland Primary School (LPS) staff members created snowflakes both in and outside of class.

“We actually had a small group of teachers meet during winter break just to work on this project – that is how important it was to us to be a part of this,” said Cindy Schriewer, an intervention specialist at LPS who not only participated, but also coordinated the project.

“It was important to me personally to be involved in something that would have a positive impact on the students and teachers from one elementary school to another,” Schriewer explained. “We included a special note with our snowflakes – a message to the teachers and students at Sandy Hook that our snowflakes were made with love. That entire school community will remain in our thoughts and prayers.”

“We are making kids aware art is a gift,” said Ritchie. “It is art that is in their hearts; we are sending true creations of love from Loveland.”
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