Dr. John's Blog
As I officially wrap-up my service as your superintendent, and pass the reins to Mr. Hilliker, I’d like to take an opportunity to thank you for your partnership during the past three years... 
The transition in administrative leadership in a school district brings with it tremendous opportunity... 
The only constant
For three years my blog has served as a platform for me to talk directly with you about the evolution of education, and how Loveland must welcome change to advance learning for our children. Today, I want to take some time to continue my thoughts on embracing change, but from a more personal vantage point..
Tiger Family Concerns
When you have a concern about a situation with your student – the district wants you to know you can call us; we are partners in the education and care of our children, and clear communication is the key to success...
Tigers focus on digital learning and networking at TechOlympics
This coming weekend, some of our very own Loveland High School (LHS) students will be participating in the TechOlympics Expo 2013... 
Dissenting opinions bring opportunity
Funding education is a complex process; it requires our brightest, most creative leaders to engage in active conversations... 
One of the most valuable activities I have the pleasure to do as superintendent is to spend time in our buildings, with our teachers, talking about education; in these moments, I feel like the student being inspired by our dynamic Tiger Team... 
Budget proposal reflects priorities
Ohio Governor John Kasich made a clear statement Thursday when he released his education budget proposal to Ohio's superintendents - education is a priority and focus for Ohio... 
Modeling Excellence
Loveland has exceptionally talented students and uniquely dedicated teachers, staff members, and administrators... 
I believe that more than any new legislation, education today is in desperate need of dreamers... 
Results for children
I want to take the time to offer a heartfelt thank you to all our parents and community members who dedicate precious time, valued skills and creative vision to making a true difference in the lives of our students... 
School safety first
I’d like to take an opportunity to share my thought process when working through the issue of a potential indoor shooting range located in close proximity to Loveland Primary School and Loveland Elementary School... 
Purposeful leadership demands civility
"With malice toward none, with charity for all" are the sentiments President Abraham Lincoln shared in his second inaugural address...  
Vacation is learning . . . not vacation from learning
Holiday vacations provide many young people the opportunity to engage in expanded conversations and quality time with adults who influence their lives... 
Pantophobia in Education
In Charlie Brown’s Christmas Lucy asked Charlie Brown, “Do you think you have pantophobia?”  
When failure earns an 'A'
Perhaps the greatest inventor and leading innovator in modern history, Albert Einstein once said, “You never fail until you stop trying.” 
Through a Child’s Eyes
I had the distinct pleasure to spend some time earlier this week as the guest reader in a second grade classroom... 
Loveland – A Grade Above
Just last week, the Ohio Board of Regents and the Ohio Department of Education announced they are developing requirements to seek bids for a nationally standardized assessment to measure student preparation for postsecondary education and the workforce...  
Reading – The Key to Future Success
Helping your child achieve success can be as simple as opening a book... 
Blended Learning in Loveland – Providing Options and Opportunities
It is our responsibility to bring a full menu of instructional options to our students – providing the best learning opportunities to prepare our students for tomorrow, and that is what blended learning will be in Loveland... 
Looking Back, Pushing Forward
This week, I will deliver the State of the Schools Address – an annual speech I prepare to share our past success, our current challenges and our vision for the future as a district. 
Never Give Up
One of the skills we must instill in ouryoung people is persistence – don’t give up in the face of adversity.  
What’s really in a grade?
The Ohio Department of Education recently released information pertaining to the local school district results on the State Report Card.  
Transparency in a Flat World – School Communication Must Evolve in a Changing World
Transparency is a commonly usedphrase when describing attributes of a strong public communications plan.  
Good Problems Show Progress and Growth
Sep 13 2012
The current wireless network at Loveland Middle School was installed in 2005.  At the time, this was a state-of-the-art wireless network.
Active Parenting Required
Sep 12 2012
Young people today are socially connected like no other generation.  Our students tweet, post, text, Face Time, and chat with frequency that is at times mindboggling
Mobile Apps For Apple and Android Platforms
Sep 11 2012
The Loveland App is available for both Apple and Android devices.
Early Communications Essential
Sep 3 2012
With the start of the new school year there is always great optimism and tremendous opportunity. 
A Larger Education Community ~ A Single Purpose
Aug 14 2012
I recently had the pleasure of reconnecting with some friends with whom I worked and socialized in a previous job over a decade ago
Form Share Launch – A Learning Experience
Aug 11 2012
The Loveland City School District is dedicated to improving the beginning of the year processes to make it easier for parents and families.
Communications How and When You Want It
Jul 25 2012
As we prepare for a new school year, one of my goals as Superintendent is to provide the most accurate, up-to-date information to our students and parents
Subtraction is a Key to Additional Innovations
Jul 23 2012
In his recent workThe Little Black Book of InnovationScott Anthony quotes former Proctor & Gamble innovation “point person” Dave Goulait.
Summer Questions
Jul 3 2012
In my blog last week I wrote about the importance of face-to-face communications.  Since the conclusion of the school year I have had numerous opportunities for casual conversations and impromptu interaction
Blogging . . . Just One Ingredient
Jun 15 2012
One of the most important tasks as a superintendent is effectively communicating with our students, staff, and community.
Avoiding the “Umbridge” Fallacy
Jun 4 2012
For centuries schools have been using literature to engage readers to think deeper, to contemplate meaning, and to stimulate conversations
Young People Do Amazing Things . . . We Must Let Them
Jun 1 2012
As an educator in today’s political, economically driven world, I am often advised to run our school more like a business.  Pundits and business leaders want districts to focus more on the bottom line, cost reductions, and efficiency.
Keeping Students Safe . . . It takes Teamwork
May 25 2012
As a school superintendent there are many issues that can keep me up at night.  Some issues are as predictable as fiscal concerns, ever-changing state and federal mandates,
Communications . . . A Two-Way Street
May 22 2012
The Loveland City School District is committed to providing a transparent, active communications strategy for our students, parents, employees, and students
Summer Learning ~ Opportunities for Growth
May 15 2012
With less than three weeks remaining in the school year students are eagerly looking forward to the more relaxing days of summer
Choice ~ Part of Education Today
May 7 2012
There are many voices in education today talking about school choice.  In Ohio, we have been debating vouchers, choice, and charter schools for years.
Nook Pilot Project ~ A Learning Experience
Apr 25 2012
When we began the Nook Pilot Project at LMS we knew it would be a learning experience – and we were right.  We are embarking on a new era in education; digital devices are here to stay.
Expanding Cyber Safety Lessons to Elementary Students
Apr 18 2012
“Cell phone owners are getting younger and younger. According to a new study, 83 percent of middle schoolers, 39 percent of fifth-graders, and 20 percent of third-graders have a mobile device,”
Technology Allows Teachers to Teach
Apr 13 2012
In a recent study underwritten by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation evidence was collected comparing human graders and computer scoring of student essays
Optimism Needed in Education Today
Apr 4 2012
In his 2011 book,Thinking, Fast and Slow,Nobel Prize winning psychologist and economist Daniel Kahneman discusses the role of “optimists” in society.  Kahneman states,
New Report Card Requires New Message
Apr 2 2012
Over the past several weeks State Superintendent Stan Heffner and Ohio Governor John Kasich have been actively discussing a new rating system for Ohio’s report card system.
The Risk and Reward of Blogging
Mar 22 2012
As a school Superintendent, communications is one of my key job functions.  There are a myriad of required and expected forms of communications; we have newsletters, press releases
Sign of the Times
Mar 20 2012
The New York Times recently reported that the Encyclopedia Britannica is going out of print. In the article, Jorge Cauz, the president of the company is quoted as saying,
Educators Pave Loveland’s Path to Innovation
Mar 13 2012
During the month of February I had the distinct pleasure of scheduling a lunch in each of our buildings.  As the district’s educational leader these conversations were invaluable as we work together to provide the best possible
Leading Through Change
Feb 26 2012
In his 2004 bookToday MattersJohn Maxwell shares a story about the Tartar tribes of Central Asia.  When the tribe spoke a curse against their enemy they didn’t wish for death or sickness, they stated
College and Career Ready – Preparing Students for the Future
Feb 17 2012
We hear a great deal about K-12 education preparing students to be college and career ready. This is a common focus of the Ohio Department of Education.
The Shift from STEM to STEAM
Feb 1 2012-
On November 14, 2001, during an episode of the NBC seriesThe West WingToby Ziegler reminds us, “There is a connection between progress of a society and progress in the Arts.
Evolving Landscape of Education
Jan 30 2012-
The world of education is changing at an incredibly rapid pace.  Just when we think we are working on the latest, research-based project it seems that the “what’s next” is already here.
School Choice ~ Public Schools Need to Take the Lead
Jan 23 2012-
I am truly fortunate to have the opportunity to be part of the Ohio Digital Learning Task Force.  I am humbled by the appointment to a statewide
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